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Ultra-Precision Machining & Quality Control



As machining capabilities continue to improve and become more precise, it is vital that quality control systems keep up. This is particularly true in the Aerospace and defense industries where verification of conformance and traceability are a must.

All quality assurance processes, when working for the world’s most demanding industries such as aerospace, medical, and more, need to verify that each machined component meets the technical requirements as well as full traceability of feature chararitics such as:

  • True position
  • GD & T form controls such as parallel, perpendicular, and profile.
  • Surface roughness characteristics such as Ra, Rz, Rt, Rq, Ry, and more…
  • Final dimensional verification down to .0001"

Coordinate Measuring Machines

Our Coordinate Measuring Machines or (CMM) inspect each machined part to ensure compliance to customer requirements, as well as track and monitor process critical dimensions to ensure a stable manufacturing process. The software that drives the CMM’s can generate inspection code directly from customer supplied CAD (computer aided design) models, to streamline the inspection process, and verify the part directly to engineering models.

Our CMM Machines Include:

  • Zeiss tactile probing and scanning CMM’s
  • Brown & Sharpe tactile probing and scanning CMM’s
  • Brown and sharp and Optical Gaging Products (OGP) digital optical CMM’s

With our Coordinate Measuring Machines, we also offer reverse engineering. Our systems can easily measure your existing parts geometry and generate CAD models and technical drawings to replicate that part.

Surface Finish Characteristics

Using a variety of contact prophilometers, we can analyze the surface roughness of each machined part’s final finished surface. Surface quality can be analyzed using over (20) parameters used for gauging surface chararistics such as Ra, Rz, Rx, Ry, Rq. and so on. Temco utilizes contact methods with our skidded and non-skidded prophilometers, as well as laser surface measurements.

Maintaining Our Inspection Machines

To ensure precision, our quality control systems are compliant to AS9100 Rev C and ISO 9001:2008. All inspection equipment, whether it is a CMM, height gage, micrometers, or gage pins, have a regular calibration cycle. We maintain full history and calibration results for the life of the gage with results traceable to NIST standards.

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