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When and Why You Need EDM Machining



In today’s high tech industry, the complexity of designs and the composition of base materials is often beyond the capabilities of traditional machining. This is where our EDM machines step in with electrical discharge cutting methods to produce incredibly precise, burr-free components for the most demanding of applications. The ability to cut extremely hard materials with precision and no cutter induced residual stresses has proven to be an attractive option for today’s aerospace market.

We offer three variations of EDM machining, depending on your application and needs.

Wire EDM

When do I need this service?

Wire EDM is perfect for producing components that have extremely complex or delicate, thin wall shapes. Tolerances can be held to +/-.0001". Parts are submerged in a temperature controlled dielectric while machined to eliminate thermal distortion. Wire EDM is an excellent option when machining hardened metals. Look for a Wire EDM service if your part has...

  • Complex Shapes
  • Thin walls
  • Small Shapes
  • Hardened Metals
  • Tapered Holes
  • Very small (.002") internal corner radius.
  • Morphing features (extrusion dies)
  • Extremely thin metallic parts

What are our capabilities?

Temco has 7 Wire EDM machining centers that offer high precision for your complex parts. Our capabilities include:

  • Independent (X,Y,Z-U,V,Y) cutting, to create prism like shapes
  • Submerged Cutting
  • Cut up to: 20"L x 14"W x 16"H
  • Corner radius down to .00015"
  • Tolerance to ±.0001"

Common Applications

  • Aerospace Components
  • Military Components
  • Medical Devices
  • Waveguide Applications
  • Flexures

RAM/Sinker EDM

When do I need this service?

RAM or Sinker EDM offers high tolerance machining for intricate 3-D parts that have features that are “blind” (not through the part). Deep holes and pockets that have square corners, or features that cannot be reached with traditional rotary tools can be machined with RAM EDM. Consider a company that offers RAM EDM when your part has...

  • Intricate 3-D Shapes
  • Small holes / deep features that are beyond the rigidity of cutting tools.
  • Internal features with square corners
  • Intricate shapes in hardened materials (mold cavities)
  • Features with no "line of sight" for traditional manufacturing options

What are our capabilities?

With our two Sinker EDM machines we can produce parts

  • Up to: 25.5"L x 17.7W" x 15"H
  • From Hardened Materials
  • Internal square corners.

Common Applications

  • Aerospace Components
  • Military Components
  • Medical Devices
  • Waveguide applications

Small Hole EDM

When do I need this service?

True to its name, Small Hole EDM produces precise small holes in conductive materials. You might need a shop with small hole EDM if your part requires:

  • Small (down to .006" diameter) holes
  • Holes with unfavorable diameter to depth ratios
  • Microscopic Holes
  • Holes in extremely hard Metals

What are our capabilities?

Temco offers...

  • High Speed EDM Drilling
  • Hole Size: .006" to .040" Diameter
  • All designed for parts that require small, accurate drilling that traditional machining methods can’t produce.

Common Applications

  • Aerospace Turbines
  • Military Components
  • Medical Devices
  • Embedding sensors
  • Pressure / fluid passages.
  • Removing broken tooling (taps, drills, etc)

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