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           Innovative Manufacturer of Complex Machined Components

A More Precise, Non-Contact Method to
Cut Conductive Materials

Titanium, stainless steels, aluminum and heat-treated tool steels can be cut with efficiency. Tapered shapes, complex forms and unique parts can be machined burr-free and with extremely high precision.

Temco features three kinds of Electrical Discharge Machining and each area is climate controlled with filtration systems for machining hazardous material.

Wire EDM

(7) Sodick and Fanuc Wire EDM Machines
  • Cut Capacity: 20"L x 14"W x 16"H
  • Automatic Wire Threading
  • Submerged Cutting
  • Tapering to 45 degrees
  • Tolerance to ±.0001"

Temco's skilled EDM specialists use state-of-the-art CNC Precision independent 4 Axis Wire EDM machines with interchangeable tooling. Wire EDM is capable of producing very close tolerances in finished parts. Tapered holes to exact size, high precision dies, and complex 4 axis shapes, parts and molds can be achieved. Tiny, difficult shapes and configurations can be cut with extreme precision.

(3) Sodick Ram CNC EDM Machine

  • Cut Capacity: 25.5"L x 17.7W" x 15"H
  • Blank Shapes
  • Exacting Compound Shapes
  • Cuts Materials Already Heat Treated With Efficiency

Small Hole EDM
(1) Small Hole EDM Drilling Machine

Temco's skilled machinists can drill holes in a varity of conductive materials quickly and accurately.

  • High Speed EDM Drilling
  • Hole Size: .011" to .040" Diameter
  • Long Deep Holes

CAD/CAM System: Mastercam
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